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How does it all work?

Read through the below questions & answers regarding what we offer & how the booking procedure works. You can, of course, give us a message if you have any further questions!

How do I secure a booking?

When you're ready to go ahead, we take a £200 booking fee. This secures the date, guarantees full bar hire for the duration of your event, a consultation to tailor the bar menu to your requirements, a temporary events notice to allow the sale of alcohol at your event & fully qualified, friendly staff to run the bar. If you book a cash bar then this booking fee will count towards your minimum spend or can be refunded.

How do we pay for drinks?

There are a few options:

- If you want to pay for your guests to have an open bar, then we take an initial deposit, with the final bar tab to be settled by you immediately after the event. Alternatively, we can agree a price per head for a fully open bar to be settled beforehand - usually around £10 per guest per hour.

- You can put a set amount behind the bar and then once this value of drinks is sold, you can either top up the amount or we can move onto a pay as you go basis for the guests.

- We can also operate a pay as you go bar from the beginning. The minimum bar spend for this is negotiable but is usually around £1,700 for 100 guests. That's only around 2.5 drinks per person. If the amount isn't hit, we will charge the difference. The minimum spend is based upon the number of guests, how far away the event is and one or two other factors.

Can we have a consultation beforehand?

Yes it is highly recommended! We can discuss dates, times, locations and payments alongside the most important thing, drinks! Welcome drinks, toast drinks, cocktails, wines, champagne, shots & more - even down to what beers we have on draught

What is the latest we can book?

We like to have 20 working days minimum before any event, but longer is great. This very much depends on availability & if we have a last minute slot available, we might still be able to help so it's always worth getting in touch.

What if it rains?

If your event's weather isn't looking great, our pallet bar is available and you have an indoor space for us to go, then we are happy to move inside. If our pallet bar is already booked then we are happy to continue outdoors in the horse box bar. If you need to cancel the event, there will be fees based upon how close to the event it is cancelled - this can all be discussed within your consultation.

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